How we do it


In the Discovery phase, our sales team will learn about your company and training needs. We will assign a Production Level and Content Readiness Tier based on your specifications. This information, as well as an estimated timeline, is provided to you in a formal proposal.


We will kick off the project by analyzing your technical requirements, audience traits, and most importantly, your learning objectives. Our Instructional Designers and Interactive Media Developers will collaborate with your team to determine the best structure for your unique training course. Then, we will assemble a plan to develop your project, which is detailed in a formal Design Document.


In the Design phase we will provide you with Storyboards to review and critique. These serve as the script for audio narration, the blueprint for the Graphic Designers, and the instructions for the Programmers. You will also receive preliminary designs of the course artwork.


The project will come to life as our developers unite the visual assets, audio elements, and interactive features. You will get to test the project in its entirety, experiencing all of the game mechanics and knowledge applications you helped design in the previous phases.


Once you approve the final course, we will deliver it to your LMS team and work with them to ensure it is scoring and reporting properly. If you do not have an LMS, we can supply you with a custom designed option. Whichever option applies to you, we will work with you to launch your new training, then you simply observe the positive changes in your employees’ performance!